1978 Greats #01 – SPACE INVADERS

SPACE INVADERS Year: 1978 Platform: Arcade  (and a bajillion ports and tweaks) Developer: Taito Genre: Non-scrolling Shooter Space Invaders might very well have a claim on the single most important title in videogame history.  This was the first mega-hit.  PONG is responsible for being the first videogame to enter the […]

1991 Greats #01 – STREET FIGHTER II

STREET FIGHTER II Year: 1991 Platform: Arcade  (and a billion ports) Developer: Capcom Co. Genre: Fighting vs. It’s one of the most important games in Videogame history.  It’s 1991 and arcade’s have been facing steady decline for years.  The whiz-bang newness of the early 80’s is long-gone, and arcade games […]

1977 Greats #07 – SHOOTING STARS

SHOOTING STARSYear:  1977 Platform:  APPLE II (Computer) Developer:   Programma Intl. ? Genre:   Puzzle The early days of Apple software are a wild wild west of ownership, distribution and marketing.  It’s pretty difficult to tell who wrote what and when, in-part because there was really no distribution channel, or standard way […]