Concept of the site

I’m starting the Videogame History Channel as a place to document and catalog one of my favorite pastimes.  I know there are many video game websites out there – so why another one?  I’ll just spell out my ideas and hopefully it will someday be a welcome resource for other gamers.

1.  Videogame history happened while I grew up, so I have memories I wanted to share and revisit  I was born in 1974, pretty much at the very beginnings of this industry.  I remember seeing the Odyssey2 in Sears, getting smashed at Asteroids, being somewhat afraid of Space Invaders, and on and on.  We all love a bit of nostalgia – and games are one place I know many of us find it.

2. The industry of video games is fascinating, artistic, fun and entertaining.  It brings together a number of disciplines – sound, art, programming, technology, story-telling, writing, etc.   which is saved & preserved forever in a game release.  You can go back in time, revisit a childhood memory, step through history and watch an industry develop grow & develop.  I call that a fun place to use your spare time.

3.  I enjoy cataloging and organizing… and I like chronology.  I plan to step through gaming history as it unfolded, remembering old favorites while discovering new (and sometimes lesser known) titles. I also hope to finally play, and maybe complete, some of those games I always hoped to play but never quite got around to.

I don’t know how far I’ll get, or if this “project” will ever amount to something more than a simple distraction, but I know I’ll enjoy the process.  Much of our lives is spent working (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) – but if you can find a way to keep fun alive in your lives and perhaps share that joy with others… I think that can be a worthy venture.

Hope you enjoy the journey with me, in however often our paths shall intertwine.