Month: January 2015

1976 Greats #01 – ADVENTURE

ADVENTURE (a.k.a “Colossal Cave”) Year:  1975   (1976 definitive 350-point version) Platform:  PDP-10 / Mainframe Programmer:  Will Crowther / Don Woods (points/additions) Genre:   Interactive-Fiction (text) Although the home computer revolution would eventually port this game onto many available micro and personal computers… let me take you back to the time […]

1975 Greats #01 – pedit5 (Dungeon)

PEDIT5  (aka. Dungeon) Year:  1975 Platform:  PLATO Programmer:  Rusty Rutherford Genre:   CRPG An early rogue-like, character-based role playing game on the PLATO system…  the strange game title pedit5 was an attempt at masking the name of a great game from system administrators bent on eliminating frivolous endeavors. Loosely based […]

1971 Greats – Galaxy Game & Computer Space

VIDEOGAME GREATS #1 (Double Award) GALAXY GAME Year:  1971 Platform:  Arcade Developer:  Bill Pitts & Hugh Tuck Genre:  Space-Shooter If we start anywhere, we really need to mention both Galaxy Game and the closely related Computer Space. Galaxy Game was a simulation of two space ships battling in space. It […]