Year: 2015

1976 Greats #05 – SEA WOLF

SEA WOLF Year:  1976 Platform:   Arcade Developer:  Midway Genre:   Action-Shooter Look deeply into my periscope… you are getting sleepy…  your eyes are closing… you will obey my commands.   SHOOT!  KILL!  DESTROY! Oh yeah… Sea Wolf!  This is another of the great games of 1976, with cool sound effets, gameplay […]

1976 Greats #01 – ADVENTURE

ADVENTURE (a.k.a “Colossal Cave”) Year:  1975   (1976 definitive 350-point version) Platform:  PDP-10 / Mainframe Programmer:  Will Crowther / Don Woods (points/additions) Genre:   Interactive-Fiction (text) Although the home computer revolution would eventually port this game onto many available micro and personal computers… let me take you back to the time […]

1975 Greats #01 – pedit5 (Dungeon)

PEDIT5  (aka. Dungeon) Year:  1975 Platform:  PLATO Programmer:  Rusty Rutherford Genre:   CRPG An early rogue-like, character-based role playing game on the PLATO system…  the strange game title pedit5 was an attempt at masking the name of a great game from system administrators bent on eliminating frivolous endeavors. Loosely based […]

1971 Greats – Galaxy Game & Computer Space

VIDEOGAME GREATS #1 (Double Award) GALAXY GAME Year:  1971 Platform:  Arcade Developer:  Bill Pitts & Hugh Tuck Genre:  Space-Shooter If we start anywhere, we really need to mention both Galaxy Game and the closely related Computer Space. Galaxy Game was a simulation of two space ships battling in space. It […]