1976 Greats #05 – SEA WOLF

Year:  1976
Platform:   Arcade
Developer:  Midway
Genre:   Action-Shooter

08-SeaWolf2Look deeply into my periscope… you are getting sleepy…  your eyes are closing… you will obey my commands.   SHOOT!  KILL!  DESTROY!

Oh yeah… Sea Wolf!  This is another of the great games of 1976, with cool sound effets, gameplay that is still fun today, and one of the all time best cabinets.  Although its probably easier to play today with a mouse and your standard monitor screen… your home setup lacks the “cool” factor of having an actual periscope to look through and use for targeting.

Gameplay consists of aiming crosshairs at the top of the ocean, and firing your torpedos at the right time to sink the enemy wessels.  A little extra challenge is thrown at you in the way of mines blocking your clear shots.  You have four shots, followed by a short reload period (kudos to the submarine crew – they reload four torpedo bays in record time).

Sea Wolf was another game that made the move from the older electro-mechanical games into a video game — much like Atari’s Sprint 2 also from 1976.  The industry was experiencing this transition, and porting over concepts that had been around into a new experience.  And in the case of Sea Wolf – they nailed it.

What works with this game isn’t dependent on graphics, or accurate real-world physics — this game is just fun!  It’s all about the timing and gaining a feeling for when and where the different boats are going to make their appearance.  Then you’re rewarded with that satisfying boom when your torpedo makes its target.  Somethings never change — I guess we’ll always enjoy blowing stuff up!  We also want to shoot first…  like Han Solo.

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