I’m starting the Videogame History Channel as a place to document and catalog one of my favorite pastimes. I know there are many video game websites out there – so why another one? I’ll just spell out my ideas and hopefully it will someday be a welcome resource for other gamers.

1. Videogame history happened while I grew up, so I have memories I wanted to share and revisit I was born in 1974, pretty much at the very beginnings of this industry. I remember seeing the Odyssey2 in Sears, getting smashed at Asteroids, being somewhat afraid of Space Invaders, and on and on. We all love a bit of nostalgia – and games are one place I know many of us find it.

2. The industry of video games is fascinating, artistic, fun and entertaining. It brings together a number of disciplines – sound, art, programming, technology, story-telling, writing, etc. which is saved & preserved forever in a game release. You can go back in time, revisit a childhood memory, step through history and watch an industry develop grow & develop. I call that a fun place to use your spare time.

3. I enjoy cataloging and organizing… and I like chronology. I plan to step through gaming history as it unfolded, remembering old favorites while discovering new (and sometimes lesser known) titles. I also hope to finally play, and maybe complete, some of those games I always hoped to play but never quite got around to.

Originally thought of as more of an “index” to my YouTube videos, as time went on and I learned more & more about this industry, I continued to be surprised by what I found.  The amount of rabbit holes one can fall down is staggering, as has happened to me a great many times already.  I’ve also been inspired by some other blog projects that I hold in high esteem, such as the Digital Antiquarian and CRPG Addict and Renga in Blue. I’ve realized that even as I’m playing through various games in history, what I discover while doing it is soon lost in the memories and a blog is a terrific way to document the present for the future.

Which leads me to the present “project” that I’m undertaking which I’m pretty sure I will never complete – which is playing through all of videogame history.  A few goals in the process are to highlight the best games, find underdogs who should be noticed, document release dates as best possible, and most importantly give a feel for the age in which the games were released.  I’m using any official printed materials from the era that I can find – magazines, catalogs, flyers, newsletters, etc.  Whenever possible trying to figure out exactly WHAT came out WHEN, as that helps you see the overall picture as you move through the different years & events.

In any case, it’s all about the journey, no matter where it all ends up.  Hopefully you’ll also enjoy reading about these adventures in the digital realm and maybe it will inspire and educate you in your own quests.

Totals for ALL games I’ve played by year:
Year of Games Games played Games completed Games 100%
1976 33 10 1
1977 68 48 12
 1978  199 101 14
TOTALS: 300 159 27

Pinball Tables:
Year of Games Tables Played Tables Completed Tables 100%
1978 15 1
TOTALS: 15 1