Gameplay Videos

This is just a collection of videos I’ve recorded as I play through video game history. The idea is to capture the game content as I play them, and then edit everything into a nice compelete overview. Think of it as a review — but also a full overview of the game. Yes, there will be spoilers in the videos… but I think most people watching these videos are more interested in nostalgia and review.

The videos are not supposed to be “Let’s Play” (although some very short games can be). I usually find most of those boring, and don’t see the point. Instead of watching somebody else play an entire game – why not play it yourself? These videos aren’t walkthrough’s either… although I intend to show video from all levels of play. But generally a walkthrough is a lot more work, and my intent is to do quick videos so I can do many more of them. I still hope you find them useful and entertaining.


all games up to 1976

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