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1978 Greats #01 – SPACE INVADERS

SPACE INVADERS Year: 1978 Platform: Arcade  (and a bajillion ports and tweaks) Developer: Taito Genre: Non-scrolling Shooter Space Invaders might very well have a claim on the single most important title in videogame history.  This was the first mega-hit.  PONG is responsible for being the first videogame to enter the […]

1991 Greats #01 – STREET FIGHTER II

STREET FIGHTER II Year: 1991 Platform: Arcade  (and a billion ports) Developer: Capcom Co. Genre: Fighting vs. It’s one of the most important games in Videogame history.  It’s 1991 and arcade’s have been facing steady decline for years.  The whiz-bang newness of the early 80’s is long-gone, and arcade games […]

1977 Greats #03 – SPACE WARS

Space Wars Year:  1977 Platform:  ARCADE Game Developer:   Cinematronics Genre:   2-person Space Duel I remember being fascinated by this machine sitting in the “game room” of a hotel.  All those buttons, modifications, different game modes.  Then that little asteroid flying around – it just looks exactly like an errant rock […]

1976 Greats #05 – SEA WOLF

SEA WOLF Year:  1976 Platform:   Arcade Developer:  Midway Genre:   Action-Shooter Look deeply into my periscope… you are getting sleepy…  your eyes are closing… you will obey my commands.   SHOOT!  KILL!  DESTROY! Oh yeah… Sea Wolf!  This is another of the great games of 1976, with cool sound effets, gameplay […]