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1977 Greats #01 – DUNGEON

IMAGE NOTE:  (my own photoshop creation) Dungeon Year:  1977-1979 Platform:  Mainframe Computers Developer:   Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels & Dave Lebling Genre:   Interactive-Fiction (Text) DUNGEON is actually one of the names this game was known by, and the other name is the one that most people recognize – “ZORK”.  […]

1971 Greats – Galaxy Game & Computer Space

VIDEOGAME GREATS #1 (Double Award) GALAXY GAME Year:  1971 Platform:  Arcade Developer:  Bill Pitts & Hugh Tuck Genre:  Space-Shooter If we start anywhere, we really need to mention both Galaxy Game and the closely related Computer Space. Galaxy Game was a simulation of two space ships battling in space. It […]