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1978 Greats #01 – SPACE INVADERS

SPACE INVADERS Year: 1978 Platform: Arcade  (and a bajillion ports and tweaks) Developer: Taito Genre: Non-scrolling Shooter Space Invaders might very well have a claim on the single most important title in videogame history.  This was the first mega-hit.  PONG is responsible for being the first videogame to enter the […]

1977 Greats #06 – VIDEO OLYMPICS

VIDEO OLYMPICS Year:  1977 Platform:  Atari 2600 (Console) Developer:   Atari Genre:   BALL & PADDLE I just HAVE to bring this game up, because this was the PONG-KILLER app! Nobody (uh, well nobody sane) ever really craved playing another “Pong-like” game again after they had this little cartridge.  Load this up […]

1977 Greats #03 – SPACE WARS

Space Wars Year:  1977 Platform:  ARCADE Game Developer:   Cinematronics Genre:   2-person Space Duel I remember being fascinated by this machine sitting in the “game room” of a hotel.  All those buttons, modifications, different game modes.  Then that little asteroid flying around – it just looks exactly like an errant rock […]

1977 Greats #01 – DUNGEON

IMAGE NOTE:  (my own photoshop creation) Dungeon Year:  1977-1979 Platform:  Mainframe Computers Developer:   Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels & Dave Lebling Genre:   Interactive-Fiction (Text) DUNGEON is actually one of the names this game was known by, and the other name is the one that most people recognize – “ZORK”.  […]