Videogame Greats

Video Game Greats is my ever-growing list of the best games I come across while I play though the history. There are no constraints on picking a certain number of games (like a Top 100 or 1001), I just plan to keep adding to the list every time I come across a game that is fun, entertaining, hugely successful, or other key markers that make it noteworthy.

To me, there’s nothing quite like starting at the beginning, and gradually experiencing the actual games wherever possible. Moving forward through game history helps to appreciate the development, growth and the creativity of the industry. It gives you a chance to appreciate each game in the context of its peers, and also see trends and genres spring forth. Watching game evolution over the years is some of the most fun you’ll ever have learning art & history. πŸ˜‰

…through 1977

# Game Year Platform Comment Article
1 Galaxy Game
Computer Space
developed from Space War
– the “commercial” version of space War
2 PONG 1972 Arcade Most successful boring game ever Blog
3 pedit5 (Dungeon) 1975 Plato Early trend-setting CRPG on PLATO, FYI Blog
4 Adventure (Colossal Cave) 1976 Mainframe Legendary interactive-fiction progenitor Blog
5 Breakout 1976 Arcade PONG for those of us with no friends Blog
6 Death Race 1976 Arcade The first controversial video game Blog
7 Night Driver 1976 Arcade A high-speed, challenging drive… at night (of course) Blog
8 Sea Wolf 1976 Arcade Look deep into the periscope… you sank my battleship! Blog
9 Sprint 2 1976 Arcade The genesis of the arcade font… Blog
10 Dungeon (aka. Zork) 1977 Mainframe Zork on a mainframe… a big, bold beginning Blog
11 Boot Hill 1977 Arcade Gun Fight at the Video Corral Blog
12 Space Wars 1977 Arcade A classic re-imagined, itself now a classic Blog
13 Combat 1977 Atari 2600 The most popular 2600 title, which nobody bought Blog
14 Air-Sea Battle 1977 Atari 2600 Β Or if you were SEARS – “Target Fun”Β  really? Blog
15 Video Olympics 1977 Atari 2600 The PONG-killer cart – last one you’d ever need Blog
16 Shooting Stars 1977 Apple II A fun puzzle relic from the early days of computers Blog
17 Star Wars 1977 Apple II Because 1977 lists have to use “Star Wars” somewhere Blog


# Game Year Platform Comment Article
1 Space Invaders 1978 Arcade Launching of the Golden Years… Blog
2 Sea Wolf II 1978 Arcade A successful sequel, and some new tech Blog
3 Adventureland/
Pirate Adventure
1978 TRS-80 Scott Adams launches a company, and provides needed games to the underwhelming little 8-bit computers of the era
4 MysteryΒ  Mansion 1978 Mainframes An ambitious, challenging, and uniquely fun text adventure
5 Beneath Apple Manor 1978 Apple II One of the earliest Rogue-likes, especially on a micro
6 Sky Raider 1978 Arcade Surprisingly cool, original, long before River Raid
7 Cosmic Conflict 1978 Odyssey2 Magnovox makes the list, a smooth replayable shooter with nice sound, graphics and game length
8 Human Cannonball 1978 Atari 2600 Easy to grasp, fun, unique and super tough human
9 Video Whizball /
1978 Channel-F The two best carts for the Channel-F, as we bid adieu


# Game Year Platform Comment Article
1 Street Fighter 2 1991 Arcade Fighting Genre Revolutionary Blog


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